Struggling to promote your hair or beauty business?

Unsure how to create consistently on your socials?

Blossoming Hub

is a monthly subscription supporting
independent hair & beauty professionals to grow (and enjoy) a consistently
successful business.

Blossoming Hub

Can help you to:

  • attract your ideal clients

  • generate more sales

  • get more organized

  • find a good work/life balance

  • set goals to ensure your business is growing successfully

Running your own business can be hard work and overwhelming.

Sometimes it can feel like there are not enough hours in the day!

However, you are not alone.

Blossoming Hub is for passionate hair & beauty professionals who want to learn more about social media and the business side, to help blossom to success.

For just £29 per month.

Offer - get your first 30 days at only £19!

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Membership & Community

Blossoming Hub is an online membership exclusively for the following freelance,

mobile therapists & salon owners in:






This monthly membership will help if you:

Are not sure when or what to post on your socials

Are struggling to get more sales or new clients through the door

Need more time & less stress

Want to create clear business goals to help you grow

Have lost your mojo so need some motivation & inspiration

Are unsure of your business direction

Love your job but winging it on the business side of things

Need some guidance on treatment prices to get you the best profit

Want to be part of our community

You can grow your business with social media but:

How do you find the time when your busy working with clients?

How do you come up with fresh ideas that your audience will be interested in?

How do you use social media to generate sales without feeling like you’re constantly shouting ‘buy my stuff’?

Blossoming Hub will help grow your business and generate sales through:


A new training video & a live masterclass is released every month to help develop your social media marketing knowledge and business skills (plus instant access to the existing library of classes).

Plus lots of resources such as worksheets, checklists, how to videos & content ideas.

And now social media templates are available for members to help save time with content creation!


The Blossoming Path helps determine which stage you are currently at of your business journey and help you to focus and set goals to successfully help you grow & blossom.

The Road Map shows you the ideal order to complete sections within the membership, where you can see how much you have completed successfully.


A good mindset is key to success. I have added lots of resources to help you stay positive and have a good healthy mindset and I will continue to add to this section of the membership as it is so important.

The support of other members is fantastic, so you no longer feel alone. We are all here to help & support each other.


A private group exclusively for




sharing your success

and extra top tips from me!

Please note all training videos are recorded to watch in your own time. Usually, each one is approximately 30-60 minutes.

So, you can grow your business in just one hour per week.

You can make this small investment within yourself & your business today.

Blossoming Hub is only £29 per month

With an extra special offer:

Get your first 30 days at only £19

Hurry, this is a limited time offer!

Hi, I'm Sarah...

For those who don't know me.

Hi, I'm Sarah...

I have over 10 years' experience within the beauty industry. So, I understand how crazy busy it can be. I have had various job roles from been a self-employed therapist to then working in salons & spas up to management & training new therapists.

I also have reception & admin experience so understand the importance of excellent client care & high standards. I miss working as a beauty therapist, so my membership is my way to stay close to the beauty industry, help pass on some skills and knowledge that I have learnt along the way to you lovely lot!

I am certified with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and have helped several salons with their finances, business & socials.

I am very passionate about the beauty industry & helping those within it. It has been a very tough time for everyone so I would like to help as many as I can to succeed.

I want to help you have more time and get passionate about your socials and business again! Let's do this together.

Here is some of my recent work:

The hair and beauty industry is a real passion of mine, I have joined in with a lot of events recently and look forward to being a part of more, soon.

Check out what I've been up to:

🌸 Speaker at Pro-Beauty London & Manchester

🌸 Scratch Awards Judge for best social media - attending the awards too was amazing!

🌸 2023 Finalist at Uk the Hair & Beauty awards for Education Excellence award

🌸 Expert columnist for Guild News Beauty

🌸 I regularly share top tips in Scratch Magazine

🌸 Habia endorsed Blossoming Hub training (which means it's of high standard) and members can receive brand training hours towards their personal development.

What members think...

Here is a quick video from one member:

Thank you for your kind words Sarah

I’ve been a member of the Blossoming Hub for months now and

I have to say how impressed I am.

There is so much useful information, tips and tricks, and ideas.

If I’m struggling with my social media I just log onto my account

and there’s always something to give me inspiration.

Sarah is so knowledgeable, supportive and friendly,

so if you’re think of joining…DO IT!

You won’t be disappointed! Thanks for all your hard work Sarah

Kayte - Beauty Therapist & business owner

Sarah’s extremely well priced business support membership is great,

excellent, value for money. I’m a small startup business with no business background; Sarah’s training videos have been informative and

have allowed me to think about things that I would be oblivious too,

for example, trade marking your business name or working out the

cost you can charge for your service. In addition, I am able to E-mail Sarah

if I need advice on business and she has always replied with helpful advice. Thirdly, her monthly guest webinars/master classes are an additional support tool that makes this journey of starting a business less scary.

Bianca - Semi Permanent Make-up Artist & business owner

Absolutely fantastic! I now have free time to do other tasks.

My following on all media platforms has increased by 100%.

And my takings have increased as a result of this - thank you Sarah!

Diane- Hairdresser & salon owner

I joined Blossoming Hub to help me primarily with social media

but the workshops within the membership have helped me with much more

Things are not always easy to juggle with 3 children at home. But having ideas and plans in place have really helped. Especially the tips on Socials within the membership,

specifically Instagram, (that platform changes so quickly)

Since joining Blossoming Hub my following has grown about a third and engagement increased significantly.I would definitely recommend any self-employed beautician

to join the membership to really get you on track with your business!

Sarah - Beauty Therapist & business owner

Blossoming Hub Membership & Community

Only £29 per month

Limited time offer - get your first 30 days at only £19!

Any of these sound familiar?

You love doing treatments but are winging it when it comes to the business side

You wasn’t sure how to work out your treatment prices so you just guessed

Your working all hours but your business is not growing

You don’t know what direction your business needs to go in

You don’t have the time to post on your socials

You don’t know what your doing with social media so post randomly and hope for the best

Your working lots to pay the bills but wish you had more time to spend with loved ones

You’ve just started out or thinking about starting your new business venture

You feel alone and overwhelmed but it’s hard to ask for help

What if things could be different?

Check out some of my members stories...

Member case study

Sarah has been a beauty therapist for over 4 years and started her home salon, Atheva Beauty back in August 2019. Sarah has a real passion for making her clients feel better about themselves. She has an amazing talent with her nail art which she showcases brilliantly on social media. Sometimes the imposter syndrome can sneak in and Sarah doesn’t realise how brilliant she really is! Sarah is also a mum so can struggle with her work/life balance and found it hard to find the time to create her social media strategy to help attract new local potential clients.

Sarah said: I've had many professions in my lifetime, from a Session Singer, Teacher, Handbag and Plushee toy maker to a PA but I finally became a beautician at the of 33. I started part time alongside my PA role which I was unfortunately made redundant from after nearly 5 years, at the start of Covid. I then decided to take my beauty business full time. It was scary but definitely the best decision I made. I realised there was a lot more to it than services, such as social media, marketing and finances that I had to do all myself.

Sarah is a founding member so joined Blossoming Hub in July 2021 since then she has gained more confidence by showing her face behind the brand more often on her stories. She has worked hard to keep her social media presence active and has been more productive using the tools and resources within the membership.

Sarah has had some amazing wins which she has shared in our membership community where she was the Silver Winner of the rising star of the year at the British hair and beauty awards in October 2021. Sarah has also recently featured in The Brow Magazine within the spotlight section.

Sarah said: I joined Blossoming Hub to help me primarily with social media but the workshops within the membership have helped me with much more..

All the mindset training and resources within the membership have helped Sarah with her confidence levels and will continue to do so with the membership and community motivation and encouragement.

There is still the occasional work/life balance struggle (as with any mum) however, Sarah is now more organised within her business and has clear goals on where she wants to be. I will continue to help and support Sarah within the Blossoming Hub (along with all the other members) to keep her progressing and blossoming.

Sarah said: Things are not always easy to juggle with 3 children at home, oh wait I mean 2 children and a husband! But having ideas and plans in place have really helped. Especially the tips on Socials within the membership, specifically Instagram, (that platform changes so quickly)

Since joining Blossoming Hub my sales have doubled, my following has grown about a third and engagement increased significantly.

I would definitely recommend any self-employed beautician to join the membership to really get you on track with your business!

Member case study

Diane has been hairdressing for over 20 years and has owned her own salon since 2006.

Diane is amazing at hairdressing and is a great leader for her team but has struggled with all the admin work and social media side of the business. She just didn’t have the time in between her clients.

Business was going well but Diane knew to grow further she needed a little guidance and some help with her social media and business.

Diane said
“There’s so much to think about when running a business, it can become overwhelming.”

Diane joined the membership in July when doors first opened and already feels a lot more comfortable on her social media, she is more organised with her admin work and now has clear goals and objectives that she is working towards.

Diane said
“I now feel much calmer and more productive, setting aside a little time each week to learn from the membership has worked wonders. I can’t wait to keep learning more to keep growing my business and my socials, thanks so much Blossoming Hub!”

Diane only had a few followers and not much engagement on Instagram which has now grown dramatically.

Her Facebook page had a good following but again the engagement was always low, this has also improved as she now posts consistently onto both platforms.

Due to this and the business advice from Blossoming Hub her sales have increased by 12%.

Diane would like to keep growing her salon and she is working towards a new venture where she would like to open her own training academy, sharing her hairdressing knowledge to others.

She now has clear goals and can work towards them one step at a time.

Diane said
“The Blossoming Hub has motivated me, so I know exactly where I want to be and how to get there. The community has also been amazing to get extra support.”

Join now for just £29 per month

Plus get the first 30 days for only £19


Is this membership for hair/beauty professionals only?

Yes, the content is made specifically for freelance, mobile
and salon owners and the community will be for everyone to connect. Check out
my training page on website for all small businesses owners and follow me on
Instagram so you don’t miss any updates/future courses.

Can I complete the content in my own time?

Yes of course, I will be adding something within the
membership every month but you can watch the replays and complete resources whenever
it suits you.

Can I chat with others within the membership?

Yes, we have a private group for members only. Where we can
share ideas, tips and those all important wins! Big or small we want to hear
your accomplishments! I would love everyone to support each other and feel
comfortable asking questions. This membership is to learn and grow together. I
will also be answering any questions and sharing extra top tips.

I have only just started my business, will this membership help me?

Yes, it will be a great time to help build your audience,
get organised and meet your goals so you can grow and build your empire! The
membership also helps those who have been in business a while, it’s for all stages
or skill levels.

I do pay monthly?

Yes, payment is every month. You will pay the same price each
month on the date of sign up. So, even if the membership price goes up, you
will be locked in at your price forever. If you did cancel then re-join, you
would then pay the new price.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

You can cancel but then you’d miss out on lots of awesome
stuff! You will no longer have access to coaching, advice, training, community
and free resources.

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