6 ways to gain a good work-life balance

6 ways to gain a good work-life balance

6 ways to gain a good work-life balance

Running a business and making time for your family can feel like a juggle at times but once you get the right balance; things can be calmer, and you can feel more positive.

Try these tips to get you started on a good work/life balance:

1 - Set goals

Have a think and write down what is important to you for your business, where you want to be and how you will get there. This helps you to focus on the important jobs that need to be done in order for your business to grow successfully or grow personally. I have lots of digital planner downloads available on my website that can help you set goals HERE


2 - Set a schedule

Plan times that you're available to do work, including your admin work. I would strongly suggest having an admin day each week or an hour each day if you prefer. Where you can get your social media planned and created, do your bookkeeping, plan staff rotas, complete stock takes and orders etc.

These jobs are so important for your business to grow, keeping on top of it can make it feel less overwhelming. Make sure you prioritise your jobs, do the most important ones that help you to achieve your goals and those jobs that have deadlines.


3 - Be realistic

Remember, you can't do everything! Be kind to yourself. Make sure your daily job list is realistic to what you have time for. If you feel you're constantly running out of time, see if you can delegate any jobs to a staff member or outsource if needed.


4 - Do what makes you happy

Try get into the habit of doing something every day that you really enjoy. What makes you smile? What makes you feel happy? Even if it's something for 10 minutes, do it every day. If your day is filled with jobs you hate or negative thoughts, it can really affect your mood and then you can become to resent what you are doing. My Habit tracker can help you with this HERE


5 - Look after yourself

You can end up looking after everyone else but yourself sometimes. Life can just get in the way! You can become tired and burnout, feel like you've lost your mojo and again even resent your job. It's really important to look after yourself too. Make sure you eat healthy; exercise regularly and actually have some pampering time of your own. You deserve to look and feel amazing.

Having positive words around you can help to keep you motivated too, check out my positive prints HERE


6 - Encourage others

Once you have found your work/life balance, remember how amazing it feels. You don't want to slip back into old ways. Encouraging your team to have a good work/life balance, can ensure you all have a happy working environment. Have you noticed when someone arrives at work in a bad mood, it affects others? If you can surround yourself with happy, supportive people; it can make all the difference to your mood and energy, and your team too.

Have a look at your diary now and plan your time for work, admin work, family time and most importantly, schedule some YOU time. Do it now before you forget or put it off.

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Let’s stay positive!




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