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January 30, 20233 min read

Since joining Blossoming Hub my sales have doubled, my following has grown about a third and engagement increased significantly .” - Sarah, Blossoming Hub member.


One of my members has kindly shared her story and how Blossoming Hub has helped her....

Member story doubled sales

Member case study

Sarah has been a beauty therapist for over 4 years and started her home salon, Atheva Beauty back in August 2019. Sarah has a real passion for making her clients feel better about themselves. She has an amazing talent with her nail art which she showcases brilliantly on social media. Sometimes the imposter syndrome can sneak in and Sarah doesn’t realise how brilliant she really is! Sarah is also a mum so can struggle with her work/life balance and found it hard to find the time to create her social media strategy to help attract new local potential clients.

Sarah said:

"I've had many professions in my lifetime, from a Session Singer, Teacher, Handbag and Plushee toy maker to a PA but I finally became a beautician at the of 33. I started part time alongside my PA role which I was unfortunately made redundant from after nearly 5 years, at the start of Covid. I then decided to take my beauty business full time. It was scary but definitely the best decision I made. I realised there was a lot more to it than services, such as social media, marketing and finances that I had to do all myself."

Sarah is a founding member so joined Blossoming Hub in July 2021 since then she has gained more confidence by showing her face behind the brand more often on her stories. She has worked hard to keep her social media presence active and has been more productive using the tools and resources within the membership.

Sarah has had some amazing wins which she has shared in our membership community where she was the Silver Winner of the rising star of the year at the British hair and beauty awards in October 2021. Sarah has also recently featured in The Brow Magazine within the spotlight section.

Sarah said:

"I joined Blossoming Hub to help me primarily with social media but the workshops within the membership have helped me with much more.."

All the mindset training and resources within the membership have helped Sarah with her confidence levels and will continue to do so with the membership and community motivation and encouragement.

There is still the occasional work/life balance struggle (as with any mum) however, Sarah is now more organised within her business and has clear goals on where she wants to be. I will continue to help and support Sarah within the Blossoming Hub (along with all the other members) to keep her progressing and blossoming.

Sarah said:

"Things are not always easy to juggle with 3 children at home, oh wait I mean 2 children and a husband! But having ideas and plans in place have really helped. Especially the tips on Socials within the membership, specifically Instagram, (that platform changes so quickly)

Since joining Blossoming Hub my sales have doubled, my following has grown about a third and engagement increased significantly.

I would definitely recommend any self-employed beautician to join the membership to really get you on track with your business!"

A big thank you to Sarah, for sharing her story.

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