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5 tips to writing captions

June 21, 20233 min read

5 tips to writing captions

One of my members said they can struggle with writing captions for their social media, that they are not always sure what to write.

I've put together 5 top tips and thought I'd share in case you're struggling too.

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5 tips to writing captions...

1. Make the first sentence count

With social media posts, it usually only shows the first sentence of your caption. So, this needs to be something that will interest your audience in order for them to click to read the rest of your caption. You could try summarising what your post is about or writing something that you know interests your audience.

Have a think what you audience likes or what they need help with. If you're unsure what your audience likes, make sure you check out my mini course - Blossom Blueprint as this helps you to understand, attract and win more dream clients. You can find more information HERE

2. Include a CTA (Call to action)

What do you want your audience to do next, after they have read your post? Do you want them to book in, buy from you or read your blog? Make it super clear what they need to do next, then they're more likely to do it. People can easily get distracted; you need to make it easier for them. Add your call to action at the end of your caption.

3. Add value

Now a lot of people believe they have to post something on social media every day, which is a lot of work. They rush and end up posting anything just to get a post out there.

It's actually better to post a few good quality posts a few times a week that will add value to your audience rather than posting anything that nobody is interested in.

Have a think how you can help your audience or how you can showcase your business. If you're struggling for content ideas, make sure you check out my free content kit HERE.

If your a hair or beauty professional I have a more specific kit HERE

4. Be yourself

We all worry too much about what people think and become afraid to put things out there and just be ourselves. I know this all too well; I've learnt to go with the flow a lot more and just speak (or write) from the heart. Your audience love you for YOU, just write your caption as if you were speaking to someone.

Check out my challenge Show your Sparkle on Socials more details HERE

5. Use story telling

For this, you need to fully understand your audience then you can dig deep into how they could currently be feeling and how your product or service can make them feel after.

Telling a story needs to have some emotions and feelings within it. Your audience will then resonate with your content, which helps build up trust. I have lots more tips in my membership to help with this (if you're a hair or beauty professional), you can find more membership information HERE.

And don't forget to share your story, your audience want to know more about you.

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Try these top tips and you will be well on your way to writing awesome captions.

To sum up:

  1. Hook them on the first sentence

  2. Include a CTA

  3. Add value

  4. Be yourself

  5. Use story telling

Let me know how you get on; it would be great to connect on socials:

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